Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa Impossible is a Hindi TV serial that was aired on Sony SAB and digitally available on Sony LIV. This serial is a story about an uneducated woman and her struggles for education at a mature age.

Pushpa Patel was a married woman and had three children. Ashwin, Chirga and Rashi. They moved to the Mumbai city after the death of her husband. Pushpa is an untaught woman of age about 45. She was a strong and caring mother. Her children were Ashwin, who was an employee in an office. Rashi, a student in tenth grade, and Chirga were in college. She decided to continue her study because her kids always underestimated her as she was an unletter. For that, she got her admission to the school in ninth grade. For that, she had to improve herself and wanted permission from three school teachers.

A twist came when Rashi got stuck in an issue with his classmate Aaryan. Pushpa challenged her in the court. For that, she hired an advocate, Damini Mehra. Who helped her in Pushpa Impossible case but in the meantime they failed to prove the innocence of Rashi. Pushpa wants to save her kid in any situation and they fraud with them but got caught and she got arrested. Her child Rashi was expelled from the school.

This serial was directed by Nitin Patil and Pradeep Yadav and its producer was Jamnadas Majethia. This serial was officially released in June 2022 and still running with interesting twists.
Channel Name:  GoGo Serial
Show Timings: Monday to Saturday
Starting Date: 6th June  2022