Teri Meri Dooriyan

Teri Meri Dooriyaan is a family Indian TV serial with Punjabi based officially streamed on Star Plus. It is a story of six characters and their relationships.

It is a story of two families Monga and Brar. Three Brar brothers Veer, Garry, and Angad, and three daughters of the Monga family Seerat, Keerat, and Sahiba. Sahiba is a responsible and hardworking girl and supports her family with her income from art. Seerat is a beautiful girl of the family like her mother and Keerat supports her in her matters. Garry is a playboy who plays a trick on Seerat and he loves her very much on the day of her wedding with Angad. She ran with him. For the reputation of her family, Sahiba married Angad. After some time Seerah came back and all the family knew about what Garry did. Angad forces him to marry Seerah to make her life better. Garry did all to get enter in his family again. Sahiba resisted about this wedding as she knew that Garry again played with her sister. Garry put her in trouble but she cleared her innocence. Garry doesn’t marry Seerah. Angad treats her humbly and they fall in love with each other.

This Teri Meri Dooriyaan serial is still running on the Star Plus. It is a famous Indian TV serial directed by Snigdha Basu and its producers are Rajesh Singh, Pradeep Kumar, and Shaika Parween. This serial was released in  January 2023 and attracted a huge audience.

Channel Name: GoGo Serial
Show Timings: Monday to Sunday
Starting Date: 4th January 2023